Sunday, March 9, 2014

Twitter phishing scam

I just received an email notification letting me know that I was mentioned by another twitter user...

As you can see, this email looks official and would fool any but the most suspicious of us. I decided to bit and follow the tinyurl link to see what had my hackles up, and I was not disappointed. It took me to a very compelling twitter login page (I went to get a screenshot later, only to find it was already dismantled) where a fast moving individual wouldn't even think twice about logging in to see the post. 

Well, upon inspecting a bit closer, the URL was an IP address and not a fully qualified domain name, like in this case. That is a dead give away that there is something amiss and that you should run away fast. 

Even though this particular scam was taken down quickly, please don't be fooled by similar ones. Take the time to inspect the domain name in the address bar to be sure you are where you think you are. 

Here is a post on Yahoo Security about identifying a Phishing Site: 

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